Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make and it can be overwhelming. There are many moving parts in the homeownership journey, and it is imperative that you have the intelligent guidance of an experienced and honest real estate team. What you can count on with us in this partnership is integrity, education, constant communication, and fierce negotiators. We take care of you.

6 steps to buying a home:

1. Choose an Agent and Secure Financing

Make a consultation appointment with a real estate agent. Call or text us at 805-837-5353. Meet with a mortgage lender and receive a pre-approval letter. We know great lenders and would be happy to refer you to one, if needed.

2. Find Your Home   

Attain market insight from your Realtor; i.e. neighborhoods, schools, your home needs, walkability etc. View properties and tour open houses. Select a property.

3. Write An Offer

Review comparable sales, discuss offer details and write an offer. We will negotiate the terms of the sale with the listing agent and ratify the purchase contract.

4. Open Escrow

Deposit your earnest money into escrow, schedule inspections, review Preliminary Title Report, and continue loan approval process. Review inspection reports, property disclosures, any repair bids, obtain quotes for homeowners insurance.

5. obtain loan approval and Remove Contingencies

Make final negotiations on property, obtain loan approval and remove all contingencies*

6. Close Escrow and Get Keys!

Deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs, sign loan docs, and set up utilities and movers!

*There are 3 main contingencies on every purchase contract. We will educate you on what they are and how they protect you as a buyer.